Yumesaki Harumu is a teacher in Yukemuri High School. In reality, she's a half-succubus who wanted a peaceful normal life.

Appearance Edit

A woman who has a short bob haircut with eye hiding bangs. The reason why she hides her eyes inside her bangs is because she is unable to control her powers of her nature as a half-succubus. Due to her uncontrollable nature, her purple eyes have a yellow colored shape of christ cross-like flower mark, and can sometimes change her eye color into dark cyan without a flower mark for a few seconds.

Her bust measurement is 96cm.

Personality Edit

Yumesaki is a very shy person. The reason of this is because she's having a troubled normal life due to her too powerful succubus nature.

Background Edit

As she was growing up, she was told by those around her "Don't ever look into people's eyes" to not ever use her succubus powers on anyone even by mistake. Because she followed those directions, she drifted apart from her friends and became a silent book reading girl.

She had a boy that she liked and unconsciously used her powers on him and didn't learn of it until overhearing him tell a friend of his that he only hangs with her because she sometimes looks cute for some reason and normally wouldn't think of a gloomy girl like her.

Later afterward, her powers ran amok causing others to see people naked and the boys fighting each other when she is mentioned. Her mother noticed these irregularities and bought the magic sealing contacts and all the strange things stop and the boy stopped caring about her.

Plot Edit

Sea-Side School trip Edit

During the trip, she was in-charge of guarding the girl's floor.

New semester Edit

During the Physical Exams, she encounters Fuyuzora Kogarashi. He gains her abilities he and his friends confront her.

Abilities Edit

  • Seductions: Being a half-succubus, Yumesaki possess this ability, mainly on her eyes. However, it is proven too powerful and dangerous. The effects are:
    • When eye contacting with her male victims, it cause their eyes are either having visions of girls they see around them naked instead of wearing clothes, or becomes attracted to her (even worse, such as stripping anything but underwears).
    • Despite curing her male victims' eyes, the side-effect turns the certain girls around them becomes seductive towards her former male victims instead.
    • In order to avoid her eye contact is to either use blindfold, sunglasses. Another method to avoid this seduction effects train to surpress from completely succumbed by it.
      • Using magical eye contacts to prevent her sucubbus power out of control can be sometimes work. However, the prevention effect of eye contacts only has a limited time.
  • Transformation: She can transform into her succubus form. This form functions similar to Spiritual Armor.

Relationships Edit

Students of Yukemuri High School Edit

Fuyuzora Kogarashi Edit

Yumesaki Harumu is aware of Kogarashi's spiritual abilities, and tries her best to have minimal contact with him due to her succubus abilities. When drunken, and realizing how Kogarashi can endure her succubus charming abilities without her contact limiters she appears to develop some feelings for him pointing how he is the first male to have so much contact with. It is unknown whether this is only because she was drunk or if they're legitimate.

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Trivia Edit

  • She transform of human to succubus as Morrigan Aensland and Kurumu Kurono