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Urara urakata is a member of the Demon Slaying Ninja Army and a student of Yukemuri High School.

Appearance Edit

Urara has short hair. She is normally wearing her school uniform. Her bust measurement is 78cm.

Personality Edit

She has a cheerful attitude and bubbly personality. She is a bit of a pervert teasing Kogarashi Fuyuzora and Sagiri Ameno.

Background Edit

Plot Edit

Clothes eating demon incident Edit

One night, Sagiri had just defeated a hair-eating monster and Urara congratulates her and start to talk about her next assignment. Urara mentions Kogarashi Fuyuzora and asked Sagiri to have him co-operate.

Abilities Edit

Shikigami Control Edit

She is able to control shikigami.

Communication Edit

She can control either phones or mind telepathy, the latter needing her to set an apparatus.

Relationships Edit

Demon Slaying Ninja Army Edit

Sagiri Edit

She is Sagiri's mission control and classmate, and have much more experiences and knowledge than Sagiri and her cousin Hibari themselves.

Hibari Edit

As like Sagiri, she is her classmate.

Yukemuri High Schoolmates Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The apparatus she used to communicate the Yuragi-sou denizens resembles of what the Allied Shinobi Force uses to communicate the army in Naruto.