Shion Todoroki is a former delinquent who wants to have a normal school life.

Appearance Edit

She intitially was clothed like a typical yankee look, with masks, her hair crafted to a pompadour look. She later started to unravel her real self, her hair has a long ahoge. She later starting to wear cute clothes, but retained her jacket.

Her bust measurement is 75cm.

Personality Edit

Her personality was typical of a yankee, a hot-headed and impatient person, but caring towards her friends.

Background Edit

Shion became a delinquent back in middle school, brandishing a yankee attitude. But she wanted to be a normal student, so she asks Miyazaki Chisaki to be her guide.

Plot Edit

She was a Head Delinquent in a Yukemuri High's affiliate school. But she wanted to be a normal student, so she asked her friend to contact Chisaki. She learned to wear cute clothes and her hairstyle changed. But the 2nd Head hated her so much so as to harass her friends, which made her fight the Delinquents, made them flee when Kogarashi deflects them.

After that, she became a normal student and friends with others.

Abilities Edit

As a former delinquent, she possesses a strong body and conviction.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Seri Edit

Her sempai and a previous head delinquent of Gokuchuu.

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