Shigaraki Koyuzu

Anime Episode 3 Koyuzu the Tanuki


Kana 信楽 こゆず
Romaji Shigaraki Koyuzu
Relative Bakedanuki Clan
Affiliation Bakedanuki Clan
Occupation Unknown
Biographical information
Status Alive
  • Active
Martial Status Single
Date of birth April 6th
Place of birth Bakedanuki-village
Physical description
Species Tanuki
Gender Female
Age 10-11
Height 138cm (4'5")
Weight 32.9kg
Hair Brown
Eye Yellow
Manga Manga Chapter 5 (unnamed; disguised)
Manga Chapter 6
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Seiyu Anzu Haruno
Shigaraki Koyuzu (信楽 こゆず Shigaraki Koyuzu) is a Tanuki yokai who was stalking Miyazaki Chisaki. After confronting Fuyuzora Kogarashi she became a resident of Yuragi-sou.

Appearance Edit

Her normal appearance looks like a middle-schooler with tanuki ears and tail. She has short brown hair.

She has a more grown-up transformation appearance after referencing Chisaki and the other females of Yuragi-sou though she still couldn't hide her ears and tail.

Personality Edit

Shigaraki is shown to be childish, who loves boobs just to her preference.

Background Edit

She was born in the Bakedanuki-village on April 6. When she was 5, she learned how to live in the human world by transforming. At the age of 10, she was left alone to live in the human world. A problem occurred due to not being good at transformation and she lost her place in the human world.

She then lived in abandoned houses in the mountains yet even so she thinks it was not right. One day she saw Miyazaki Chisaki and was entranced by her boobs and decided to stalk her to improve her own transformation ability.

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Yokai powers Edit

Transformation Edit

She can transform herself or other things with her leaves.

Remote object control Edit

She can control objects from far away.

Illusions Edit

She can make illusions.

Trivia Edit