Sagiri Ameno

Sagiri Ameno


Kana 雨野 狭霧
Romaji Ameno Sagiri
Alias Sagi-chan (by Nonko)
Relative Ameno Clan
Affiliation Yuragi-sou

Yukemuri High School
Chuuma Village
Demon Slaying Ninja Army

Occupation Kunoichi
Biographical information
Status Alive
  • Active
Martial Status Single
Place of birth Chuuma Village
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Height 163cm (5'4")
Weight 51.3kg
Hair Purple
Eye Green
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Seiyu Rie Takahashi

Sagiri Ameno (雨野 狭霧 Ameno Sagiri) is a resident of Yuragi-sou who also appear to be kunoichi from the Demon Slaying Ninja Army of the Ameno Clan.

Appearance Edit

Sagiri has long hair and often has it in a side-ponytail held by a shuriken hair decoration. Her bust measurement is 94cm.

Personality Edit

She is a bit serious and doesn't think of herself as beautiful. She becomes flustered and acts defensive towards Kogarashi whenever he says she's cute. Having attended an all girls school her interactions with men are awkward at best. Somewhat temperamental, she is easily flustered. She also gets angry when Kogarashi accidentally does something perverted and usually throws her ninja knives at him as "Divine Punishment".

Background Edit

She was born in the Ameno Clan Main House and was trained as a demon slaying ninja. From kindergarten to up until the 2nd year of middle school she had attended all-girls schools with her cousin Ameno Hibari.

In her 2nd year of middle school, she moved to Yukemori City and started to attend co-ed schools.

Plot Edit

She is seen in the inn. She complains about Kogarashi Fuyuzora and challenges him to ping pong.

Abilities Edit

Spiritual powers Edit

She has high spiritual powers and uses them with her ninja weapons to slay monsters.

Spiritual barrier armor Edit

She can make a skin tight armor out of spiritual power. It will temporarily take attacks for her and protect her from harm. It also blocks her mind from being read by the Mind Awareness technique. After being damaged enough, it will break apart.

Ninjutsu Edit

She has learned the ways of the ninja. She can make clones of herself.

Techniques Edit

Ameno Style Demon Slaying Ninjutsu Ultimate: Autumn Rain Edit

Chapter 2 Ameno Style Demon Slaying Ninjutsu Ultimate Autumn Rain

Throws a set of kunai blades in front of her in a circle.

Trivia Edit

  • In terms of personality, Ameno Sagiri is somewhat similar to Seishirō Tsugumi from Nisekoi. They are both very serious about their job and gets easily flustered when thinking about their respective protagonists. They also have similar deadly professions, as Sagiri is a trained ninja and Tsugumi is a trained hitwoman. On top of that, both Sagiri and Tsugumi have very similar facial features and both have their prominent hair accessory on the left of their head.