Nonko Arahabaki

Anime Episode 1 Nonko


Kana 荒覇吐 呑子
Romaji Arahabaki Nonko
Alias Nonko Yonoizaka (Birth name)
Relative Shutendoji (ancestor)
Affiliation Yuragi-sou
Yoinozaka House
Occupation Comic Artist (Mangaka)
Biographical information
Martial Status Single
  • Active
Physical description
Species Ogre (Oni)
Gender Female
Age 20's (About 23)
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 54.2kg
Hair Pink
Eye Green
Manga Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Seiyu Ai Kakuma

Nonko Arahabaki (荒覇吐 呑子 Arahabaki Nonko), whose birth name is also known as Nonko Yoinozaka (宵ノ坂 呑子 Yoinozaka Nonko) due to her as a descendant to the legendary is a resident of Yuragi Inn.

Appearance Edit

Nonko is a voluptuous beauty with a huge buxom and slender figure, meaning that she is the tallest of all the resident in the Yuragi Inn. She also has long pinkish hair and often seen wears glasses. She has a mark on her forehead, the same place her horn appears when she is in her Oni form.

Personality Edit

Of all the residents, Nonko is considered as a friendly and happy-going youkai. Despite her easy-going and careless personality, she's a serious and dedicated woman when it comes to drawing manga, usually before hitting her deadline.

Background Edit

She was born of the Yoinozaka House. She was once a monster hunter but one day she was seriously injured. After she healed she began to do many things that she wanted. She eventually changed her name, became a mangaka and started living in the Yuragi Inn.

About two year before the story, she was passed out in the entry way when the then 14 year-old Sagiri Ameno moved in. She and Yuuna tried to befriend the shy Sagiri in which they succeed when they helped her.

Plot Edit

New male resident Edit

Nonko is seen in the inn, carelessly getting drunk if front of him.

Abilities Edit

Oni physiology Edit

Super strength Edit

Being an oni, she has strength more powerful than an average human. She becomes stronger depending how much alcohol she drinks.

Super endurance Edit

She is strong enough to catch God Blade Oboro's blade bare handed. That said, she was once heavily injured when she was young.

Drawing Edit

She is a good mangaka. She's currently the mangaka of a shoujo manga.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of every inn resident in the Yuragi, Nonko is the tallest of them all.
  • By far, Nonko is the only youkai who is able to stand toe to toe against some of the strongest youkai in the series, notably Mataro and Ouga.
  • She has the biggest bust in the inn, which can be considered her "charm point".