Hiougi Karura (緋扇 かるら Hiōgi Karura) is a tengu who once going after Kogarashi after witnessed him subjugating both Tengu Clan and Tenko Clan with ease and she has a crush onto him since; in spite of her "hostility" against him.

Appearance Edit

Hiougi is a young girl wearing a female High schooler uniform. She has red hair and yellow eyes. As a Tengu, she sprouts wings.

Personality Edit

Intitially possessive, obsessive, borderline yandere. She never gives up when she wants something or someone.

Background Edit

Daughter of a Tengu Clan master, she ruled with an iron fist in absence of her father. She saw once Fuyuzora Kogarashi beat her army, which made her fall in love with him, but feigning hostility to him.

Plot Edit

Many years before Fuyuzora Kogarashi enter Yuragi-sou, she tried to incite fighting with Yoinozaka, an Oni Clan, when the lad single-handedly stopped them because she disturbed his field trip. That is where she starts stalking him, while she feigns hostility on him.

She kidnaps him when she saw that too many women fall for him, so she kidnaps him and took him to Kyoto to "marry" him, in reality, forcing him to a subservient method of marriage. She was defeated by both him and Yuragi-sou's denizens.

She later became a waitress in Kogarashi's part-time job in order to be close to him.

Abilities Edit

Tengu Physiology Edit

As a tengu, she can manifest wings and fly

Mind Awareness Edit

A technique to read minds. It was once thought to be lost but Karura studied hard and revived it. The Spiritual Barrier Armor of the Chuuma Ninjas can block it.

Teleportation Edit

She can teleport to places where she has been before.

Trivia Edit