Ameno Shigure is an elder of the Ameno Clan.

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Due to being an old woman, she has wrinkles. And she is short in stature.

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As the clan elder, she is serious on things. But when on her granddaughters, she is a cheerful one.

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As the Ameno Clan elder, she was one of the strongest. But she retired, but only interested on their tradition of finding strong husbands.

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Ameno Sagiri Edit

Ameno Shigure and Ameno Sagiril are grandmother and granddaughter.

Ameno Hibari Edit

Ameno Shigure and Ameno Hibari are grandmother and granddaughter.

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Fuyuzora Kogarashi Edit

Though they never met face to face, Shigure was very interested in him and his relationship with Sagiri.

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